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  1. PowerTIG 200DV
    Need To Know:

    Digitally Controlled IGBT Inverter Analog style control 120V/240V Dual Voltage Industrial 60% Duty Cycle at 200 amps AC/DC TIG/DC Stick functions HF and Lift TIG start Pulse up to 150Hz in AC or DC Standard Advanced AC Square Wave Arc force control for Stick

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    Special Price: CA$1,500.00

  2. PowerTIG 250EX
    Need To Know:

    • 240V IGBT Module inverter design
    • Digital Microprocessor Control
    • Commercial 60% Duty Cycle at 210 Amps
    • AC/DC TIG/DC Stick functions
    • Improved HF Start
    • AC Frequency/Balance control
    • 3 wave AC Wave forms, Advanced Square, Soft Square, and Triangular
    • Standard and Advanced AC pulse
    • Adjustable Stick Hot Start/Arc Force
    • 9 Channel Programmable Memory

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    Regular Price: CA$1,950.00

    Special Price: CA$1,900.00

  3. PowerTIG 185DV
    Need To Know:

    • Digitally controlled IGBT inverter
    • Analog style controls
    • 120V/240V Dual Voltage
    • 35% Duty Cycle at 185 Amps/ 240V
    • 35% Duty Cycle at 125 Amps/ 120V
    • AC/DC TIG, DC Stick functions
    • Simple to use TIG pulse @ 1 or 50 Hz
    • HF or Lift TIG start
    • AC Frequency/Balance control
    • Standard AC Advanced Square Wave

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  4. PowerTIG 255EXT
    Need To Know:

    • Rugged Digital IGBT Inverter
    • Industrial 60% Duty Cycle at 250 Amps
    • AC/DC TIG/ DC Stick functions
    • Solid State HF or Lift TIG start
    • Pulse up to 500 Hz DC; 250 Hz AC
    • Advanced Square, Soft Square, Triangular, and Sine wave forms
    • Adjustable Stick Arc force and Hot Start Control
    • Advanced AC Pulse
    • 120V/240V Operation

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he Everlast PowerTig series offers a wide range of tig welders complete with foot pedal or panel control for tig operation.

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. The weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by a shielding gas (usually an inert gas such as argon), and a filler metal is normally used, though some welds, known as autogenous welds, do not require it. A constant-current welding power supply produces energy which is conducted across the arc through a column of highly ionized gas and metal vapors known as a plasma.

GTAW is most commonly used to weld thin sections of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys. The process grants the operator greater control over the weld than competing procedures such as shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding, allowing for stronger, higher quality welds.

The PowerTig series from Everlast offers a broad range of performance and features at very reasonable prices. Each model's design and control layout is focused on user convenience. The controls are easily identifiable and are grouped according to function. Whether you are welding with AC or using the pulse feature, you can easily identify control settings and parameters with a single glance. The Everlast TIG welders are set apart from the competition because they offer easy to adjust settings without complicated hidden menus and difficult to access features found in many inverter welders. Easy starting and exceptional stability and control of the welding arc are well known features of the entire PowerTig line.

Our lineup of tig welders have high duty cycles that easily exceed the competition. With high volume cooling and IGBT electronics from Infineon, the PowerTig line can easily handle tough jobs. When you turn on an Everlast PowerTig welder, the distinct sound of the fan reassures the ear that it's got plenty of cooling to handle heavy duty commercial applications.

If you are in the market for a GTAW or GTAW-P (TIG) unit, consider the functions and features that each PowerTig model has to offer. From our 185 amp AC/DC unit to our 315 amp AC/DC PowerTig, Everlast has a model with the functions you need in a TIG welder. Everlast Power TIG welders feature pulse welding ability with full parameter adjustments. The AC/DC models feature balance control and frequency control while welding in AC. Panel control while welding is another feature that many users find helpful. Panel controlled welding offers stable and consistent preset welding parameters. For those that prefer foot pedal control, all models offer foot pedal control as a standard feature.