How MIG Welders Can Ensure The Smooth Wire Feed?

Wire feed is a common problem that every welding industry has to face. Such a problem often leads to downtime, extra cost, and extra work with poor welding quality output. And because wire feed issues can occur anytime along the length of the gun, MIG welders need to check several areas to encounter and fix the issue for a better and quality-centric welding output. If you are a MIG welder and looking for an appropriate solution for wire feed problems, here’s what you need to do.

Check the quality of the wire

Moisture or not using for a long time can sometimes cause the rust in wire, which in turn clogs up the liner. If you see the rust while welding, all you need is to unspool it until you get a clean wire. You may also need to either blow out or replace the liner as a deformity in the wire can simply cause issues in feeding and affect the weld quality. Maintaining the wire on a regular b

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