It is no doubt that MIG and TIG are two different welding process, however, the advantages and disadvantages of using water-cooled MIG welding torch or TIG torch are identical. This is the reason, you need to consider certain important factors to examine the performance of both the equipment.

To make you aware of those important factors in details, Everlast Welders exposes certain considerations and discusses how water-cooled welding mechanism can help you optimize your best water-cooled TIG torch or MIG torch based on- cost, amperage requirements, torch weight, and operator comfort.

MIG Welders

Top Consideration For Torches Selection

• Amperage- It’s a delicate consideration for MIG because buying a too low or high of amperage will be a fatigue for an operator. Same goes with TIG torch as well as consumables also. It’s better to take a good look at your welding application first and determine what will be the best for your application based on average amperage and arc on-time.

• Application- Whether you choose an air or water-cooled MIG welding torch or TIG, the priority should always give to the material on which you’ll apply the torch. Like application with small diameter wires is perfect for TIG.

• Cost- Don’t go for the expensive considering the high cost of equipment will drive good quality of work. Buy the one which has all the components and consumables, deliver maximum performance and low maintenance cost and of course, available reasonable price.

As you can see, the selection is a bit complicated process than simply picking the least expensive or most productive MIG or TIG welding torch that complements your machine. Careful considerations of your welding technique, nature of the application and performance of the torch will lead you to the right equipment that is just perfect for you.</p