Premium quality, heavy duty cycle, long lasting performance and energy efficiency, are names a few that increases the excitement of professionals for Arc welders who have been involve in welding job. Especially for those who want to replace the old welding machine with a new one that is energy efficient and advanced, certainly the selection of arc welders will be the right option that is counted as light weight for offering the best solutions for sturdy construction, portable feature and durability.

What makes Arc welders famous in Canada the use of the techniques that is used in the USA. Whether it is commercial industries, home based garage, general repairing services, fabrication, factory maintenance and any kind of similar work, Arc welders play a pivotal role in getting any welding job done successfully. Why Arc welders are popular? Reason is simple as they create arc between an electrode and the base material. Not forget to mention the welding method as it can be fully automatic, manual or semi automatic.

In automobile industry where different types of vehicles are manufactured in large units, you can see the use of this type of welding machine there. Many people also called them stick welders. When it comes to buy the best stick welder or arc welder in Canada, you will get a better opportunity from Everlast Welders. The leading company has come up with different models that include Power ARC 160STH, PowerARC 140 ST, Power ARC 200ST, PowerARC 160STH and the list goes on.

Choose the best one and place your order either online or by giving a call.