3 Basic Mistakes New MIG Welder Make & Their Prevention

the welder need in industries is as vital as the need for students and teachers in the education industry. Lack of experience in the welding industry will naturally allow the new MIG welder to unintentionally make technical mistakes. With so many things to give detailed attention- equipment, weld procedures and consumables- it's inevitable that mistakes will happen in most welding operations.

If you are also new to this industry, you need to avoid certain mistakes otherwise your desire to become the best TIG welder or MIG always remain a desire.

1. Forgot to clean the surface- The first basic step which even the best TIG welder forgets that in welding, “maintain cleanliness is next to godliness”. It means if you don’t clean oil, grease, rust off the metals, can lead to improper welds.

2. Wrong process or equipment- Using the wrong plasma cutter or a MIG gun is a common mistake among new welders. Before practically do the job make sure you are aware of every minute detail of welding equipment and the subject to be welded.

3. Setting of Improper voltage- An erratic arc can also be caused by setting the wrong voltage. Setting the voltage too high can generate too much heat, which in turn eventually wreak havoc on the contact tip. As well as setting the voltage that is too slow doesn’t feed the weld pool, so there is no production of quality welds. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the setting of accurate voltage.

Avoid making these mistakes to minimize the downtime and be mindful of the requirements of the welding job as well the parts and types of plasma torch consumables to improve productivity and quality, in your MIG welding operation.

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