TIG or tungsten inert gas is ideal for tricky welds like s-curves, or welds on round things. It produces heat through an arc of electricity jumping from an electrode to the metal surfaces needed to be weld such as aluminum, steel, copper, titanium etc. In TIG welding process, an arc is formed between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the metal being welded. These non-consumable electrodes are often available in various sizes and lengths. When you buy the best TIG welder, it is typically made of pure tungsten or an alloy of tungsten blended with other elements and oxides. 

TIG Welders

TIG can be used to weld in any position flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead position. Best TIG welder can used where quality is critical such as pipes, vessels, aerospace industry. TIG welding process is known for its consistency in producing high quality welds. It is much easier than other methods as welder can clearly view the welding zone and also there is a minimal amount of smoke, fumes, and sparks created in it.

The finished weld requires little efforts and preparation before it can be painted. It is very effective to be used in a varied range of welding applications to make high quality welds for almost any metals and alloys.
Welds can be made with the TIG process either by applying filler rod to the puddle or by fusing the base metal without a filler rod. Some of the benefits of TIG welders are as follows:

  • High quality and strong welding 
  • Cleaner and more appealing joints
  • They are suitable for welding of very thin sections.
  • They are capable of working with and without filler metal
  • Non-corrosive and ductile joints.
  • It requires minimum amount of flames and spark
  • It can be done in both automatic and manual.

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