Cutting metals of different thickness need use of advanced machines that are energy efficient and can cut any metal easily. Plasma cutters are the important type of machines that can cut any metal in any thickness. They are available in different models; while manufactured by renowned companies. If you are also one of them looking for a new range of plasma cutters, you will have some better options of choosing the best one. 

Stick Welders

PowerPlasma 50S - 110/220V, PowerPlasma 60S, PowerPlasma 80S, etc are different models of plasma cutters that you can choose according to your choice. These models come with advanced features; while all the technical specifications are provided to you. PowerPlasma 50S - 110/220V, for instance, are the latest models of plasma cutters that come with easy starting with pilot arc that allow easy cutting of rusty and painted metals. Not forget to mention some of the added features that include cuts virtually any type of metal with ease, simple to use torches, high duty cycle, exceptionally clean and smooth cuts, adjustable post-flow control up to 25 seconds to improve consumable and torch life, etc are some added features and technical specifications associated with the best plasma cutters.

Not forget to mention front air pressure adjustment – making adjusting pressure easy and painless, over current and air pressure light indicators – keeping you updated on units operating conditions, new added features, tip saver mode for cutting expanded metals that are suitable for use with 850W clean power generators and a lot more. You will also get a new range stick welders and other type of welders.