MIG welding processes are ever so much in demand for different industrial applications, it includes different industries like manufacturing, fabrication and the general maintenance. MIG welding is the safest and it is largely used the process of welding since it is easy to weld and also offer good control on thin metals. MIG welding offers a good amount of versatility and speed that makes it a good option for position welding of different metals, steel, and aluminum. It is offered at different thickness levels and produces the cleaner weld. A Welder, often select the small amperage gun for applications as it provides them with a light-weight and flexible gun that reduces the fatigue levels.


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Choosing a Light Or Heavy Duty Gun
A light-duty MIG gun is one of the best choices for applications requiring short arc-on times for tackling different parts. Most light duty guns have small and compact handles, easy for the operator. While heavy-duty MIG guns are the best choices that require long arc-on times. They are often used in heavy equipment industrial units. The guns have large handles that help to accommodate the large cables that are important to provide high amperage.
The operators have different options to choose from, there are a fixed liner and replaceable liner options available. The replaceable are the ones that could be easily be replaced if it gets clogged or damaged. The guns with fixed liner have trigger heads and the guns with replaceable liner have internal trigger leads that prevent from catching on nearby equipment. Water Cooled Mig Welding Torch is also highly used for welding process giving maximum comfort to the users.