Choose MIG Welding Consumables to Improve Welding Productivity

If you’re running a welding business, then you are aware of the fact that labor makes up for 85% of a welding overall operation’s cost. Fortunately, the innovation of quality and productivity focused MIG welding consumables helps in minimizing the operational costs of welding work. If you are looking to improve productivity and minimize downtime, here’s how the right MIG consumables can expand your welding operations with quality output.

Contact tips, nozzles, and liners

There are many factors that influence the selection of different spectrums of welding components, including MIG, plasma torch consumables, and TIG. The top priority is productivity and quality metal cut. As welding labor accounts for 85% of welding costs, thus it’s important to consider performance-centric consumables based on how well they improve welder productivity and reduce downtime. Having an understanding of what to look for when making the selection for tech-updated consumables helps you make an informed decision.

Get to know more about improving the performance of key MIG welding consumables; liners, contact tips, and nozzles.

Liners- Throughout the MIG welding process, an electrode wire is fed through a cable liner in the welding gun and it requires a spring steel coiled liner for steel applications. Steel is the best option as it is rigid and ensures long life. However, to ensure quality welding output, welders need to keep a check on these liners as they wear out due to continuous or improper use.

Contact Tips- To transmit power to the electrode wire, the welding gun must make direct contact with the wire. This contact occurs through a contact tip that makes the wire feed through. The size of this tip corresponds to the wire diameter. For industrial applications, it requires large contact tips with more mass and keeping the tip temperature lower.

Nozzles- Nozzles support the shielding gas to start welding. Nozzles are available in many different sizes and shapes for different applications. The thumb rule is to use the largest size nozzle that appropriately fits the application.

The efficient MIG welding consumable ensures the best quality, and long life and works optimally. The better the MIG consumable quality, the less weld quality that’s needed, and the less downtime incurred.