All MIG torches are not designed equal and heavy-use applications require high-performance welding torches. Selecting a MIG gun or torch for your welding application require a well-versed understanding including ins and out of the equipment (intended to buy). You can easily select the best water-cooled MIG welding torch with just paying a bit attention to detail as the welding power source itself.

Water Cooled MIG Welder

To maximize the speed of welding productivity output, it is indeed to opt the right MIG and its other essential consumables for the job. There are important considerations when selecting MIG welding consumables including torch that may have a significant impact on productivity, downtime, weld quality and operating costs. In this post, we’ll take a look at those considerations you should make when selecting the gun that’s right for your business.
Top consideration for MIG welding torch selection

Select the right amperage- Always remembers when it comes to MIG welding torch bigger and heavier is always not better. Lower amperage base torch not just typically cost less but also work efficiently that can speed up the production level.

Choose between heavy and light-duty torches- After consulting your team, come to a conclusion which of the option will be good enough for your industry requirement. Still, to reduce some of the confusion, light-duty MIG torch will be the best option for an application that requires short arc-on times, such as tacking parts or welding sheet metal. On the other hand, heavy-duty MIG guns covered under the best choice for jobs that require long arc-on times or multiple passes on thick sections of material.

Selecting the right MIG welding torch or the best plasma cutter for the job is important to achieving good results. Choosing welding equipment that generates the best result at the end of the day and can be easily operated at the coolest temperature is something you have been blessed with best article for your requirement.