Having the best MIG welding equipment will be a valuable addition to your welding business, whether big or small, regardless of your welding skill. It is a speedy welding machine that gives a lot of benefits. However, the major challenge lies in selecting the best MIG welder because there are various models available in the Everlast Welders stores with different specifications. Thus, if you are looking into purchasing a performance-centric MIG welder, there are certain parameters that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best one.

MIG Buyers Guide: Parameters to consider for MIG Welders

Like other welding machines or devices, MIG welder also has some significant features based on which you can consider buying 2020 best MIG welder. Here we present you the list of the factors that can help you buy the best welder with us at an industry-competitive price:

• Versatility

- Before buying MIG welding consumables or welder machine, it’s important to know the versatility of the product in detail. The versatility of the machine or consumables ensures that it can be easily configured for different types of metal like stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel.

• Amperage

- The right MIG welder will depend on the nature of the project you will be using it for. The project will then denote the amount of amperage or heat it (welder) needs to produce for a particular period. For a thin sheet of metal, it needs less time to heat the metal, thus, you can choose light-duty cycle welder. But for thicker metals, it requires constant heating for a long time, which needs heavy-duty, performance-centric MIG consumables and a gun to produce fine welds.

• Weight, size, and portability

- These three essential factors are often overlooked by many professionals while purchasing the right MIG welder. Before making a purchase, understand your needs and most importantly project requirements. If you are going to purchase a MIG welder or consumables for welding large, heavy, or bulk metals, then you should go for volume. If you need it for small projects or using limited space, then small size MIG welders with less weight unit will be best for you.

• Reliability & durability

- While making investments, you will always want to buy the long-lasting device that produces quality results (fine welds) with precision. With Everlast Welders, you will get assured of reliable and durable MIG welders so that you can it for the long-run with no hassle.

• Power supply

- The next parameter that you need to consider before buying the welder is the power of the supply of the machine. Power has basically two types of input one is AC, and the second one is DC. AC powered MIG welders are suitable for heavy-duty workload, whereas DC powered welding machines are best suited for smaller applications. While considering the power requirement of your applications, you should also look for the power input supply at your end so that there is no need for a converter in the future.

When it comes to choosing either the MIG welder or MIG welding consumables, you will want to make sure to buy something that can drive the maximum performance. With Everlast MIG Welders, you will get no less than performance-driven MIG welding equipment at a nominal price.