If you have ever visited any construction site and seen a shower of sparks that is being generated by a man who wore a metal mask in his face and a sunglass in eyes, that means you have seen a professional welder at work. For many decades, welders have been an essential part of the Canadian industrial workforce. Joining different metal together in a strong bond is the real essence of the welder’s profession.


Today, the shortage of skilled welders drastically affects the Canadian companies, creating a huge demand for the best MIG welder or TIG trained in the latest technologies version. Combined with lucrative demand, competitive salaries and crucial contribution to construction site makes welding an intriguing career choice for aspirants who love to utilize the creativity of their hands.


Below mentioned are certain surprising secrets to which you can give your career a great start towards an endless opportunities pathway:


Secret#1. Welding doesn’t require a college degree or any grads certificate. It only requires a training certificate to start earning a quality living.


Secret#2. Welding is a career choice that significantly offers more choices of industries to work in and advancement opportunities than any other profession.


Secret#3. Did you know that the demand for specialized welders is high in every possible space ranging from the bottom of the ocean to outer space and everywhere in between? That means being qualified as an experienced welder you will have the opportunity to travel!


Secret#4. Welding job is one of the professions that can match the salary level of a doctor, lawyer or any such equivalent or high-level qualified cum sophisticated profession.


Secret #5. The demands of welder have no connection with the economic condition. Hence, whether there is a recession or inflation in the economy, the best TIG welder has always in demand.


In short, the whole economy may continue to recover at a sluggish pace, but the good news is that the welding profession always recognizes as a viable career choice.