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MIG Welders

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  1. Power I-MIG 353DPi - Contact for purchase
    Power I-MIG 353DPi - Contact for purchase
    Special Price CA$4,000.00 Regular Price CA$4,900.00
    Need To Know:
    • Synergic GMAW-P/SMAW Operation (MIG/Stick)
    • Separate Wire Feeder / Power Source with 15 ft. cable
    • Water-Cooler Included
    • Cart Included
    • Single Pulse and Double Pulse MIG, fully synergic with synergic and non-synergic basic MIG mode (non-pulse)
    • Industrial duty cycle of 60% at 350A
    • Burn back control
    • Heavy Duty Cast aluminum feed mechanism with true 4 roll driven feeding on separate, portable wire feeder
    • Euro Quick connect series MIG gun or Water Cooled Equivalent
    • Arc force and Inductance control useful for fine tuning arc characteristics in Stick and MIG modes
    • Dual Digital Display allows precise and repeatable setting of welding parameters
    • Save up to 9 favorite programs
    • Uses a 12" (30-44 lbs) roll of welding wire, or can use an 8" (10-12 lbs) with available adapter
    • Digitally Controlled IGBT Inverter with programmable memory
    • Stick weld function
    • Spool Gun and Push/Pull Gun capable (not included)
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Exclusive Range Of The Best MIG Welders That Gives You  Precise Welding Results

If you are looking to purchase one of the best MIG welders on the market, take the plunge. EVERLAST carries some of the best MIG welders on the market. Our Everlast Power i-MIG welders are truly pioneers of the inverter MIG welder market in the United States and Canada, dating back to 2004.

EVERLAST offers the Power I-MIG series, our best MIG welders, from 140 amps to 275 amps. MIG welder prices vary depending on amperage and features required. All MIG welder units are IGBT inverter and come with MIG accessories to get you started right away. Some MIG welder models are spool gun and push-pull ready. Check out the details on the individual MIG welders to see what you get at our affordable prices. 

Go to our Accessories tab, MIG Accessories section for EVERLAST’S MIG accessory options. As well, check out our MTS models which include MIG/TIG and STICK capabilities. For MIG torch consumables, check out the MIG section under our Consumables tab.


FAQ on MIG Welding

Q1. What is MIG Welding used for?
Ans:MIG welding equipment is found an ideal mechanism for MIG Welders to weld different types of metals like carbon steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, and many more; this is why it has been majorly used in fabrication shops and factory applications as well as by many welding enthusiasts.

Q2. How does MIG Welding work?
Ans:The process of MIG welding starts using a small electrode that is fed continuously and the operator will control the amount of weld being done. During this operation of MIG Welder, the gas is being released from the gas tank. MIG Welding process consumes electricity to create an electric arc between the electrode wire and the metal being welded. This arc then gradually melts the wire, which further gets deposits to create a perfect weld.

When the heat slowly cools down, the weld pools also cools, solidifies and forms a new piece of fused metal- the weld is then complete.

Q3. Why use MIG Welding?
Ans:MIG Welder finds it an ideal way to get the fine and precise weld outputs. It serves very good advantages for the best MIG Welder that make it an ideal choice:

• Welds are clean with very little smoke
• It has the potential to weld all types of commercially available metals and alloys
• It is a highly-productive and low-cost welding process
• Produces long welds with low wastage
• Welding wire process continuously with less downtime to replace electrodes
• It is an ideal mechanism for multi-pass welding
• Less welding skills are required compared to other welding process