Multi Process: MIG/TIG/Stick

Multi Process: MIG/TIG/Stick
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MIG Welder, TIG welder, Stick welder all in one! 

If you are looking for an all-around performer for your hobby shop, our PowerMTS series multi-purpose units have more than enough capability to handle most daily chores. These MIG welder / TIG welder/ Stick welder muti-function units were designed to give excellent performance and convenience using any of the three processes. Our PowerMTS models are easy to use with an operator friendly panel to select features. All units come with stick electrode holder, foot pedal and TIG torch for TIG operation and basically everything you need to get started.  Everlast’s MTS 221STi and 252STi even offer AC TIG functionality!

 Everlast’s PowerMTS 211SI has more than enough capability to handle most daily chores. The panel and programming has been designed so that the operator has command of all the features without having to access complicated menus or open the cover. The foot pedal and TIG torch are included and connect directly to the front. There are no special adaptations or equipment required to weld TIG. The TIG torch does not need a manual gas valve because gas flow is controlled automatically and is programmable on the panel for both pre-flow and post-flow operation. The PowerMTS 275Lightning  boasts a 60% duty cycle (240V) at 250 amps for MIG/TIG (AC/DC!) and 200 amp stick. With this unit you can save up to 9 programs as favourites. The PowerMTS 275 Lightning includes a 36 Series Euro fast connect MIG gun and is dual voltage. Our PowerMTS 251SI includes a 25 series Euro fast connect MIG gun and offers Pulse MIG, Syn MIG and Pulse TIG function. Additionally, the PowerMTS 251Si offers one more distinctive feature: it allows to the operator to choose from a touchless, high frequency start or a lift start in TIG mode.  The stick mode offers more adjustability than ever with the addition of hot start intensity and hot start duration controls.  Everlast’s PowerMTS 225Lightning offers MIG, AC/DC TIG with high frequency start and stick capability and has been completely redesigned. As with the 251SI, stick mode operation has been improved with the addition of Hot Start duration and Hot start intensity adjustments.  Combined with the arc force control this makes the 160 amp Stick mode very capable of handling up to 1/8" welding rods.

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