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Plasma Cutters
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Plasma Cutters Online

Looking for some of the best plasma cutters on the market? Look no further…EVERLAST’S PowerPlasma series of Plasma Cutters with IGBT technology range anywhere from 50 amp to 80 amp and are all compatible with CNC tables. EVERLAST’S plasma cutters easily slice through metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. For the best plasma cutter to meet your needs, we offer PowerPlasma 50 amp, 60 amp and 80 amp plasma cutters that are suited to home hobbyists who work on weekends or fabrication shops that require full time plasma cutter operation on a daily basis. Our PowerPlasma series also include a CNC port making them compatible with CNC tables.

Plasma Cutters Designed to Meet Your Needs

Everlast Welding Products offers Three Models of Plasma Cutters to meet your needs, ranging from 50A to 80A. We’ve designed our PowerPlasma 52i, 62i and 82i to suit home hobbyists who enjoy working on the side, or fabrication shops that require full time cutting operations on a daily basis. We also offer a 60% Duty Cycle which makes it fit for commercial applications, and also includes a CNC port making them compatible with CNC tables.

Our PowerPlasma 52i provides Customers with up to 50 Amps of power, as well as offering Dual Voltage for maximum portability. Users are capable of cutting up to ½” and can make a severance cut up to ¾”. This unit features a blow-back iPT60 4m Torch with improved cutting capacity and consumable life.

Our PowerPlasma 62i gives you 60 Amps of professional cutting power, and has plenty of cut capacity with a recommended daily clean cut of 9/16” and up to 1” of a severance cut. This unit comes with our blow-back iPT60 4m Torch, however, customers have the option to opt out for a CNC Package through us, where we offer the iPT-60 CNC Torch, getting up to 3/8” of a CNC cut.

Our PowerPlasma 82i offers up to 80 Amps of power and has daily cutting rates up to ¾”, with up to 1 ¼” severance cuts. This unit comes with our blow-back iPT80 4m Torch, with the optional CNC Package, offering the iPT-80 CNC Torch, getting up to 5/8” of a CNC cut.

For Plasma torch consumables, go to our Consumables tab and click on Plasma Consumables. Plasma Cutter accessories can be found under Accessories, Plasma Torches and Accessories.