TIG Welders

TIG Welders
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EVERLAST PowerTIG AC/DC series of welders offers a wide range of AC/DC TIG welders at very competitive prices. Each model has identifiable controls grouped according to function. Our EVERLAST TIG Welders have easy to adjust settings without complicated hidden menus or difficult to access features. Easy starting and exceptional stability and control of the welding arc are well known features of the entire EVERLAST PowerTIG line. And, with AC capability, you are ready to tackle welding of virtually any metals including aluminum.

If you are in the market for a TIG unit, consider the functions and features that each PowerTIG model has to offer. From our PowerTIG 185DV, 185 amp AC/DC unit to our PowerTIG 325EXT, 325 amp AC/DC TIG, EVERLAST has a model with the functions you need in a TIG welder. EVERLAST PowerTIG welders feature pulse welding ability with full parameter adjustments. The AC/DC models feature balance control and frequency control while welding in AC. Panel control while welding is another feature that many users find helpful. Panel controlled welding offers stable and consistent preset welding parameters. For those who prefer foot pedal control, all models offer foot pedals as a standard features. In fact, several models offer an upgraded NOVA pedal with a long life potentiometer that cycles up to 2,000,0000 times.  

To see our line of TIG Torch consumables, go to our Consumables tab and click on TIG Consumables. For items like the best water cooled TIG torch to suit your needs, go to the Accessories tab and click on TIG Torches and Accessories. You will also find accessories such as TIG torch slide controls and our RotaFlex combo head torches offering 2 interchangeable torch heads on one flexible silicone cable.

TIG is one of the most popular welding processes widely used in the fabrication of thin structures. It has its own inherent superior features and special merits comparing to other forms of welding. Everlast Welders, one of the leading suppliers of the best TIG Welder, enumerates the various advantages of TIG welding:

• TIG welding produces perfect, precise welds and can be smoothly applied for exotic metals.
• Consume less amperage when compared with other welding equipment process
• TIG can potentially welds in AC as well as DC
• TIG welding can be used with or without filler wire
• With TIG, there will be no welding smoke or residue
• TIG welding can be applied in all welding positions
• TIG leaves no slag or splatter

This is the only mechanism to obtain a high level of security and more quality work during the root welding where a quality weld is needed with perfection.