RF9 Rotating Head TIG Torch - 4m Cable

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TIG Torches & Accessories

RF9 air cooled, 4m torch.

Rated: 100A (DC) / 80A (AC) @ 60% Duty Cycle.

2T/4T remote switch included (finger switch).

Plug and play for all Everlast TIG units with the 35-50 style Dinse connectors.

Rotates 360 degrees for easy access to corners, undersides and tight spaces.

Suitable for use with most National brands with the 35/50 Dinse style power connector.

Slight modification of the standard quick connect gas connection may be required with some national brands. Water connections are quick connect for use with Everlast Water coolers.

INCLUDES: Flexible silicone cable, 35 series dinse, torch switch, 9mm gas quick connect, 9 piece WP9 consumables starter kit

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Standard Equipment


Optional Equipment
  • Denim Torch Sleeve - 4m
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