MTS Welding Cart

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The MTS Welding Cart is carefully designed to fit current large frame units with the Power Cool 400  water coolers.  This cart is designed to be sturdy and firmly hold the nested units together.  It's low profile keeps things compact and and improves center of gravity.  It's large wheel design easily rolls around most items in the shop.  Defects, dirt and other small items in and on the shop floor are easily rolled over if needed thanks to the heavy duty wheel carriage.  It will hold up to one large gas cylinder securely in place.  This design is specially made for the Everlast large frame units and the top carry handle on the unit is removed to accept the capture bar on top.  It is not designed to fit smaller units.  This cart will hold one gas cylinder. Does not come with Support Of Seat for external wire feeders

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Features & Benefits
  • New! This cart is designed specifically for the PowerMTS 275 Lightning & WC400 Combo ONLY
  • Heavy duty wheels allow for easy push and pull around your shop
  • Designed for easy storage of your Everlast welder, water cooler, gas tank
  • Heavy gauge steel for durability.
  • Rear panel accommodates full size gas tank and includes adjustable safety chain restraint
  • Low compact profile
  • Top carry handle on the unit is removed to accept the capture bar on top
  • Please refer to other Carts and/or speak with a representative to best match your unit with a cart
Short Description

Dimensions: 41.5 in x 15 in x 46 in

Weight: 68lbs

Disclaimer: Units and accessories may not be exactly as pictured. French manuals currently NOT available. English Manual can be downloaded online.