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EVERLAST CANADA: Leaders in a new era of Welder and Plasma Cutter Technology

Everlast TIG Welders, MIG Welders, Stick Welders, Multi Purpose Units and Plasma Cutters are quickly gaining worldwide recognition for innovation, reliability and economic sense. Everlast may be a new name for you and if you are interested in more detailed information about our inverter (IGBT) welders, multi purpose units and plasma cutters, our website is designed to give you easy access to information on the welding products you need. Simply click on the links to our featured products in the MIG WELDER, TIG WELDER, STICK WELDER, PLASMA CUTTER and MULTI-PROCESS UNITS categories shown above.

Everlast Canada is wholly Canadian owned and located in Burlington, Ontario. As a rapidly growing supplier of welders & welding equipment to the Canadian welding industry, Everlast seeks to provide all-star performance at affordable prices with every TIG Welder, MIG Welder, Stick Welder, Multi-Purpose machine and Plasma cutter that we build. Over the last decade we have continually improved our Welder and Plasma cutter functionality and performance to keep up with the ever changing world of welder technology. Even the big welder manufacturers have faced challenges keeping up with our innovative and quick response to fluctuating welding market trends. We personally oversee every production run of our welders and plasma cutters in China at factories we have chosen for their high standards with ISO compliancy, employment ethics and technological expertise.

Our company works smarter, eliminating internal waste and huge marketing campaigns, to bring you an affordable, versatile welding product that doesn’t end up costing you thousands of dollars more. Not only that, but we service our welders and plasma cutters right here in Canada at our Burlington location, usually within 1 week of receipt.

Professionals and hobbyists all over Canada are finding that our “green machine” welders and plasma cutters offer sound solutions to their welding and plasma cutting needs. We think you will too.

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