PowerARC 210STL

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The PowerARC 210STL offers features that will appeal to the professional welder. The 200 amp PowerArc 210STL is 6010/cellulose compatibe with the touch of a button on the digital face of the unit.  This compact IGBT inverter welder cuts no corners on performance or design.  In both the 6010 and standard operating modes, the PowerARC 210STL features fully adjustable hot start and adjustable arc force control, so you can fully adjust  the amount of arc control you need. The unit also has VRD for work environments that require voltage reduction. Anti-stick function helps eliminate stuck rods which reduces the chance of arc flash. The PowerARC 210STL has gas solenoid control so there is no need for a valve torch.  It will handle an optional pedal or standard torch switch and has 2T and 4T switch options. Live Lift means that your tungsten remains live and an arc can be struck anytime the tungsten lifts from the metal.  The PowerArc 210STL is 120V/240V dual voltage. For TIG operation,  be sure to pick up an optional TIG torch, gas regulator and pedal.  (Check out  our Accessories Section for these options)

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

  • Stable, Smooth DC ARC for best Stick/TIG welds
  • Live Lift TIG start (standard torch, regulator and pedal optional)
  • E6010/cellulose compatible with the touch of a button
  • Digital display for precise current setting
  • Standard 35 Series DINSE style connectors
  • Fully adjustable Arc force control for better arc performance in short arc situations
  • Fully adjustable Hot Start
  • Anti stick function to eliminate stuck rods, reducing arc flash
  • 2T, 4T switch options
  • Downslope and Postflow control
What's Included

Standard Equipment:

  • Stick electrode holder with 35 series DINSE-style connector (3m)
  • Work Clamp with cable
  • 120V/240V adapter
Tech Specs
IGBT Type: 
Individual IGBT
Inverter Type: 
Digital/Micro Controlled
Output Type: 
DC Stick
Minimum Maxmimum



    • Minimum 1/16" electrode (120/240V)
    • Maximum 5/32" - 3/16" electrode (240V)
    • Maximum 1/8" electrode (120V)
    • (Max electrode size will depend upon type and brand)


    • Minimum .025" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum)[120/240V]
    • Maximum Single Pass: 1/4" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) [240V]
    • Maximum Multi-Pass: 3/8" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) [240V]
    • Maximum Single Pass: 3/16" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) [120V]
    • Maximum Multi-Pass: 3/8" Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) [120V]

*Not for welding Aluminum or Magnesium. Min/Max TIG is based off of industry standard practice for best quality welds.


Optional Equipment:

  • Everlast Series torch with 35 series DINSE Style adapter
  • Amperage slide control
  • Argon Regulator
  • Foot pedal
  • Welding cart

Product Notes:

1) The PowerARC 210STL comes with the stick holder and work clamp.
2) The TIG torch, argon regulator and pedal are optional. 
3) This unit is DC output only and is not designed to weld aluminum.

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