Stick Welders

Stick Welders

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  1. PowerARC 280STH
    PowerARC 280STH
    Need To Know:
    • New Bezel and stackable feature!
    • Dependable IGBT inverter
    • Single Phase/Three Phase, 220V only
    • DC Stick/TIG functions
    • High Frequency and Lift TIG start
    • Foot Pedal included
    • VRD function
    • Adjustable hot start and arc force controls
    • 2T/4T TIG controls
    • Built in gas solenoid
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Best Stick Welders Online

EVERLAST CANADA offers some of the best stick welders (IGBT/Inverter) in the industry. Everlast’s “little green welder”, the PowerARC 140ST, is our smallest unit and is favoured by many expert welders because of the stick welder’s portability. As with all of our welders and plasma cutters, these units come packaged with the accessories you need to get started. Our PowerARC 140ST includes a carrying case, stick electrode holder, WP17 valve torch for lift-TIG welding. The welder features both auto adaptive hot start and auto adaptive arc force control.  Our PowerARC 200ST offers higher amperage and has E6010 welding capability with a dedicated 6010 port on the front panel.  Everlast’s PowerARC 160STH has high frequency start and is a complete stick/TIG welding package which includes a TIG torch, argon regulator, pedal and carrying case. The PowerARC 280STH is a 280 amp stick and DC TIG welder that features full TIG capabilities for welding almost every weldable metal except for aluminum and magnesium.

Prices and functionality vary depending on the welder amperage and features required. Reviews indicate Everlast’s stick welders to have solid power delivery and enough tech to satisfy beginner to expert welders. As always, if you are looking for a welder that does not break your budget, Everlast is the way to go.

Home hobbyists may also want to consider our Multi-function welders which have stick welding capability but also offer the versatility of TIG and MIG welding or PLASMA cutting functions in one unit.

For information or to purchase Stick and TIG accessories, please visit our Accessories tab.

Like any other method of welding, stick welding has its certain defenders and detractors which are important to be taken care of as well while looking for the best stick welders among many options. Here are some of the crucial pros of stick welders.

Stick Welding Advantages

• Less sensitive to corrosion, dirt, and paint at the welding point
• It is effective even when its windy or raining
• Needs no external gas which saves money
• Easy to change rods for different metals
• Hard to access joints weld easily with stick electrodes
• The ground clamp can be attached far from the welding point

At Everlast Welders, we offer only quality stick welders, so you get only the best welding equipment for different metals. If stick welding is best for your project, then once you explore our assortment to get the best work done.