Mig Guns & Accessories

EVERLAST offers a nice range of MIG guns and accessories as well as MIG gun consumables for your MIG welder. Check out Everlasts’s Parker PUSH PULL MIG gun with a 6m cable and ergonomic design compatible with our I-MIG 253DPI and I-MIG 275P. This gun will allow you to work well away from your wire source without sacrificing feed rate. MIG spool guns are available for our I-MIG series welders as well as for our multi-purpose MTS (MIG/TIG STICK) units. Our Parker MIG Spool gun, recommended for our more powerful I-MIG series and MTS251Si welders can handle a max of 300 amps with wire diameter from .030 to .045 inches. Our regular MIG guns come in sizes AK15, 24, 25 and 36 to meet the needs of your welder without exceeding your unit’s requirements and your pocket book.

Please feel free to contact us for info on the best accessories to meet your specific MIG welder needs. For MIG Torch consumables, go to the Consumables tab and click on MIG Torch Consumables