In spite of being the oldest, Arc Welders are preferred in the industry because of their high quality output and long lasting performance. Light weight, sturdy construction, portability and durability enhance the demand of the welders. This welding process is used in commercial industries, general repair, fabrication, and factory maintenance and shipyards work to name a few. Arc welding is used to create electric arc between an electrode and the base material.

Stick Welders

 The welding method can be semi automatic, fully automatic or manual. Arc welding wide usage can be seen in the fabrication of vehicles and structures. Today folks prefer to buy Gas Metal Arc Welders and Flux Core Arc Welders. Gas Metal Arc Welders are used for working on the automobile’s body and Flux Core Arc Welders are considered perfect for withstanding powerful breezes.

In addition to industrial purpose, arc welders are used in residential purposes. Arc welders can be found in personal shop and home. These are also familiar by the name of Stick Welders. With some basic knowledge, you can do a little bit work yourself and this will save your expenses. Arc Welders are available in varied models – PowerARC 140 ST, PowerARC 160STH, Power ARC 160STH with Foot Pedal and Power ARC 200ST. These arc welders consume less power.  

When we are talking about arc welding, we cannot ignore the safety issues. Welding can be dangerous, if it is performed without wearing goggles and helmets. Visit any reputed store and avail qualitative arc welders for high performance.